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Improve organisational efficiency through faster access to critical reference data and Symbology
ETD x Symphony
Improve organisational efficiency through faster access to critical reference data and Symbology
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    Trusted data
    Access to the highest quality Futures & Options reference data, covering an unmatched number of global exchanges
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    Improved Efficiency
    Improved organisational efficiency and agility through faster access to critical data
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    Immediate gains
    The TaDa bot can be deployed and adopted immediately on the Symphony platform
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    Easy Integration
    Simple and embedded into users’ workflow - in the Symphony environment where they communicate with clients and colleagues
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    Cost Efficient
    Low implementation and running costs – removing the need for investment in software installation and on-boarding or training

Introducing TaDa

Developed in collaboration with Symphony and using iPushPull’s technology, Euromoney TRADEDATA’s TaDa chatbot resolves this challenge by providing users fast and efficient access to critical Futures & Options reference data and Symbology.

The TaDa bot allows a user to easily retrieve the exact reference data needed in real-time and add it into any Symphony chatroom

This removes the need to collate data across disparate systems within an organisation, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors. Users can also respond directly to clients with relevant ETD data without leaving the Symphony environment.

Reference data available includes:
Corporate Actions
Calendar Dates
Contract Specifications
Historical Transaction Reporting
Regulatory and Compliance (e.g. MIFID)
Sell Side T2, Head of IT Development
All the various fields and the filtering that's necessary isn't provided by the trading systems, so you need the third-party reference data that ETD provides, either to do that screening and filtering so that you report correctly, but also to give them the extra product information that the regulator is looking for
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Cost effective and customisable reference data service for exchange traded and OTC futures products.