Mission critical dates.
Ready for lift-off.
Multi-platform calendar for critical trade dates
Proactively manage client portfolios without missing a trade execution.
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    Increased effectiveness
    Give your front and back office access to all the trading dates they need to hit every deadline and actively manage client portfolios
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    Symbol-mapped data
    Access fully symbol-mapped trade start and contract expiry dates that are integrated into your propriety and vendor trading systems
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    Designed around you
    Use trading dates reference data files built to suit your exact asset class and exchange coverage needs
The right business apps can take you places
What our Trading Dates data can do for you

Easily integrate and flow mission critical trading dates across your trading platforms, allowing the middle office to keep on top of trading dates and still have time to actively manage client portfolios.

  • Predict and avoid missed trades   
  • Enhance portfolio risk management   
  • Ensure consistent trading dates across the enterprise  
  • Offer an even better service to your clients

All delivered in a format you need across multiple trading platforms and workflow systems. 

Key features
Exchange traded and OTC futures and options
Trading dates: Last Trading, First Notice, Exercise, Expiry, Option Maturity, Last Delivery
Link to exchange trading sessions and time zone
Intraday, EOD and market start data updates 
Symbol-mapped data content    
Multi-platform calendar for critical trade dates
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  1. Article
    Data normalisation - standardising the presentation of data to ensure it is consistent across required fields and records - is an essential component of effective financial data management, enabling reference data in particular to be recognised, interrogated and incorporated into required data workflows much more easily, and minimising the risk of reconciliation and compliance ‘fails’.
  2. Article
    Not only is there a requirement to report additional information, EMIR Refit also places enormous emphasis on enhancing and harmonising the quality of the data itself to support end to end validation and data reconciliation obligations, and to mitigate the risk of misreporting - and having to report associated reporting failures.
  3. Article
    Big isn’t necessarily always best when it comes to data services delivery and it’s important for financial firms to weigh up the relative pros and cons when considering what makes the most sense for them to support their data management needs.
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