Minimise risk.
Achieve compliance.
Trusted, content-rich transaction reporting data – delivered on-demand or via data feed
Minimise the risk associated with non-compliant MiFID, EMIR and CFTC transaction reporting.
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    Trusted data
    Leverage in-use and trusted regulatory reporting data for futures, options and OTC-cleared contracts globally 
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    Easy integration
    Ensure compliance with data customised for proprietary enterprise-wide repositories, security master files or EDM vendor solutions
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    Access a regulatory reporting data service that has been curated and enhanced for over a decade with clients, partners and regulators
Pay attention to detail

What our Regulatory Reporting data can do for you

Our Regulatory Reporting data makes it simple to comply with the rules of regulatory trade reporting through data file attributes that are built for your asset classes, exchange coverage and the relevant regulatory technical specifications. 

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance  
  • Enhance pre-trade regulatory risk analysis   
  • Trade new products with correct regulatory attributes   
  • Reduce the cost of internal regulatory databases.   

All delivered in the format you need across multiple trading platforms and workflow systems. 

Key features
Global position limits
MiFID/EMIR - ISIN, CFI, Asset Class, Categorisations and ToTV indicators
MiFID/EMIR Delivery Point, Duration, Days of the Week and Load Delivery Intervals
MiFID/EMIR Commodity Base and Commodity Details, REFIT 2.0 (2024)
CFTC Exchange and Commodity Codes, Large Trader Reportable Levels, Foreign and Trade Organisation Product Allocations
IRS 871(m) reporting eligibility indicator
Trusted by
Sell Side T2, Head of IT Development
All the fields and filtering that we need isn't provided by the trading systems, so you need the third-party reference data that FOW provides to do that screening and filtering and report correctly, but also to give the extra product information that the regulator is looking for
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Latest Insights

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    In the continuing absence of single, global identification and transaction messaging standards, the challenges of managing reference data are many and varied, since every data point may be subject to multiple interpretations - and indeed uses - in different contexts.
  2. Article
    It is a truth universally acknowledged that faulty reference data is, today, one of the key contributors to regulatory reporting failures.
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    Reference data plays an increasingly critical role in the smooth running of global financial markets, touching on every part of the transaction lifecycle.
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Trusted, content-rich transaction reporting data – delivered on-demand or via data feed.
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