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Draconian cost cuts pave way for Itiviti growth

Itiviti chief Rob Mackay discusses opportunities and plans for growth

HQLAx could cut fire sale risk – academic

Blockchain collateral platform could cut out unnecessary secondary trades which...

Korea plans to up SBL haircuts

Plans mean haircuts on stock loan trades would need to be topped up

Bloomberg targets Europe with stock loan platform after US debut

Bloomberg's sec lending platform had an ‘early adopter’ launch in the US during...

CME to list inter-commodity spreads for Eris swap futures

Participants expressed interest in trading the Eris curve, CME's Agha Mirza...

Cboe crypto vols rebound despite delisting

Cboe sees its bitcoin futures volumes rebound after the decision to cease...


ICE speed bump: the road to data-driven decisions

Certification of the first speed bump in US futures markets could provide...

Compression: a cycle of continuous evolution

Compression services have emerged in recent years as one tool to counter the...

New chief Davidson plans Renaissance at OCC

Davidson is charged with managing a tech overhaul and to maintain the OCC’s...

A fresh look at lending

Market experts met in London in April to discuss the current trends shaping the...

Eurodollar thrives despite Libor demise

Trading in Libor-based Eurodollar options has been stronger than ever in the...

Getting the right balance in CCP default auctions

CCPs explain the careful balance that needs to be struck in default auction...


Harnessing a new kind of activist

By Robert Blood, founder and managing director of SIGWATCH, the data gatherer...

SFTR data requirements will affect your data landscape, do you know how?

By Silvano Stagni, co-chair of the FIX Trading Community SFTR Working Group and...

Engaging Exxon: investors’ role in mitigating climate change

By Fiona Reynolds, CEO, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

The Bank of the Future

By Kim Fournais, Founder & CEO, Saxo Bank

Client reporting and the short road to anarchy

Abbey Shasore, CEO of Factbook, believes that so-called "agile" software...


  MTS Repo

Productivity and Profitability Opportunities

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Thought Leaders

Centralized collateral management becoming a reality

Bimal Kadikar, CEO of Transcend Street Solutions

The evolution of network management

Massimiliano Notarianni, Global Head of Network Management at Societe Generale

Tethys looks to next generation of AI algos

Tethys Technology has been adapting artificial intelligence techniques to the...

RBC's D'Eramo talks vol, tech and indemnification

Don D’Eramo, Global Head of Securities Finance, RBC Investor & Treasury Services...

DTCC’s Roadmap to SSI Automation

DTCC's white paper – The Roadmap to Automation

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