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Aggregated, accurate corporate actions data affecting futures and options contracts
Access timely and accurate corporate actions data so portfolios are priced correctly, shareholder votes aren’t missed and trades are reconciled. 
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    Global Coverage
    Manage corporate actions confidently and easily with our comprehensive event listings for global derivatives exchanges
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    Timely updates
    Make better-informed decisions with up-to-date notices of corporate actions that impact company share price and more
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    Link to original notice
    Understand the exact nature of a corporate action with access to the original notice (in English, where provided) 
Success is all in the planning
What our Corporate Actions data can do for you

Timely and accurate updates so you can stay on top of the many corporate actions that are critical to the functioning of the financial sector.

  • Enhance your portfolio risk management  
  • Easily integrate with propriety and vendor trade analysis systems  
  • Reduce the cost and risk of maintaining in-house teams   
  • Improve your operational efficiency 

All delivered in a format you need across multiple trading platforms and workflow systems. 

Key features
Intraday availability
Watch list for portfolio contracts
Outlook reminder for tracking specific events
Link to original notice
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Latest Insights
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    The fast-approaching Eid al-Adha holiday, the second of the two main holidays celebrated in Islam that this year begins on June 14, is a timely opportunity to look at another essential element of financial markets reference data - exchange holiday dates.
  2. Article
    The global Futures and Options market continues to grow exponentially, year on year, in terms of the absolute number and volumes of F&O instruments issued and traded, and especially the explosive growth in trading activity in newer markets. In the APAC region, for example, futures and options (and other derivatives) trading is gaining huge momentum and represents an increasingly large share of the ‘global derivatives wallet’. It is estimated that this region’s trading volumes doubled in 2023, with particularly significant activity in India and China. In India alone, activity on major exchanges including the National Stock Exchange leapt around 80% in equity-related derivative transactions (and around 30% for energy, agriculture and precious metals).
  3. Article
    Data normalisation - standardising the presentation of data to ensure it is consistent across required fields and records - is an essential component of effective financial data management, enabling reference data in particular to be recognised, interrogated and incorporated into required data workflows much more easily, and minimising the risk of reconciliation and compliance ‘fails’.
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