Our data. Your control.
Anytime access to machine-readable, high-quality reference data directly into your systems
Create a superior reconciliation environment that lowers the costs and risks of trade processing.
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    Effortless integration
    Request, retrieve and integrate the data you need into your trading systems and applications, using RESTful web services and open internet standards
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    High scalability
    Scale this Data as a Service solution to fit your operational requirements, matching your costs to portfolio activity and client demand
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    Complete control
    Reduce the complexity and cost of data management with seamless access to golden copy reference data from a single, trusted source
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What our API can do for you

Our API makes it simple to right-size, source and distribute golden copy reference data across your enterprise.

It provides access to FOW’s extensive data library including Intraday Symbology, Contract Specification and Regulatory Data updates from 110+ global exchanges.

Feature highlights include:

  • Supports get command - using OData version 4 (Open Data Protocol) that returns JSON, XML and CSV formats
  • Web services: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Java, PHP, ASP and .NET
Key features
Powerful search function with customisable searches.
Multiple vendor and market symbology database.
Key regulatory transaction reporting data.
Contract Specifications.
Trading Dates, Exchange Holidays and Session Times.
Margins for Futures​.
Monthly Trading Volumes and Open Interest​.
Anytime access​.
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Anytime access to machine-readable, high-quality reference data directly into your systems.
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