Make it history.
Archived data for investigating and improving transaction reporting
Access historical listed derivatives reference data, EMIR and MiFID Aii and ISINs back to January 2008. 
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    Comprehensive archive
    Comply with any back reporting obligations with our comprehensive contract and symbology time series data archive
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    Plug and play data
    Access high-quality and compliant data for historical investigations or to proactively manage regulatory risk
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    Enriched with symbology
    Review data enriched with your chosen symbology and in the right format for your own and third-party systems
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What Forensyx can do for you

Forensyx leverages ETD’s community model to give you fast, simple access to a vast archive of historical data that you can customise for specific investigatory requirements.

  • Reduce future investigations and liabilities  
  • Enhance post-transaction regulatory risk analysis   
  • Easily integrate with proprietary and vendor trade analysis systems   
  • Reduce the cost of internal regulatory databases  

All delivered in a format you need across multiple trading platforms and workflow systems. 

Key Features
Exchange traded and OTC futures and options
Global position limits
MiFID ISIN, CFI, Asset Class, Categorisations and ToTV indicators
EMIR RTS 2.0 Delivery Point, Duration, Days of the Week and Load Delivery Intervals
CFTC Large Trader Position Limits and Accountability Levels
IRS 871(m) reporting eligibility indicators
Delivery Channels
On-demand access to data you can trust – through the channels you want
  1. A single, easy-to-use portal that puts all of ETD’s data at your fingertips
  2. Apps that fit your workflow and put the power of data exactly where you want it
  3. API
    Anytime access to machine-readable, high-quality reference data directly into your systems
  4. Effortless desktop access and sharing of ETD’s data sets through our easy-to-use Excel add-in
Sell Side T2, Head of IT Development
ETD provides data that enables us to do regulatory reporting and cross reference it with things like MIFID and EMIR. ETD make it easier to report transaction to the regulator because they provide additional data points and help us plug that requirement nicely and efficiently.
See Forensyx in action
Archived data for investigating and improving transaction reporting.
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