Instant spreadsheets.
Real time collaboration.
Effortless desktop access and sharing of FOW’s data sets through our easy-to-use Excel add-in
Instantly share data to resolve trade breaks.
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    Easy collaboration
    Use the intuitive Excel interface to share data points customised by asset class, exchange, and geographical coverage
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    Instant access
    Effortlessly tap into and share our vast store of reference data, including on-demand symbology and reporting information
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    Reduced spend
    Cut the cost of reference data feeds and related infrastructure, ensuring your data budgets are optimised
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What our Excel add-in can do for you

Our Excel add-in allows easy client access to securities master data to support front, middle, back office and market data operations.

It plugs you in to FOW’s extensive data library including Intraday Symbology, Contract Specification and Regulatory Data updates from 110+ global exchanges.

Feature highlights include:

  • Ability to incorporate the latest data in your own spreadsheet
  • Linking in to your own models and formulas
Key features
Powerful search function with customisable searches.
Multiple vendor and market symbology database.
Key regulatory transaction reporting data.
Contract Specifications.
Trading Dates, Exchange Holidays and Session Times.
Margins for Futures​.
Monthly Trading Volumes and Open Interest​.
Data from 110+ global exchanges​.
Find out more about our Excel add-in
Effortless desktop access and sharing of FOW’s data sets through our easy-to-use Excel add-in.
Explore our other data delivery channels
For on demand access to market-leading data.
  1. A single, easy-to-use portal that puts all of FOW’s data at your fingertips
  2. Apps that fit your workflow and put the power of data exactly where you want it
  3. API
    Anytime access to machine-readable, high-quality reference data directly into your systems