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What our clients say

Technology Vendor, Global Head of Data Operations
We use FOW to provide an extra layer of consistency for the important fields so we don't have to go to multiple providers and suffer integration and technical headaches. We don’t need to get a field from hundreds of different places when we can get it all normalised through FOW.
VP Business Analyst FO and OTC Clearing, Sell side T1
Having accurate data is the driver for any business these days, as well as the ability to customise it to suit the end user's needs. I think this is a key distinguishing factor of FOW.
Asset Information Manager, Buy Side
Accuracy is the most important thing for us, and that's why we onboarded FOW. They provide accuracy at a reasonable price, and their solution is easy to use.
F&O Projects, Sell Side T2
The sheer size of the static data we're filing now - manually maintaining it is an industry on its own. So having accurate data from a third party that takes all the exchange feeds is vital, and FOW does just that.