Introducing Derivia Intelligence — financial data and market insight provider

New SRP and FOW parent company Derivia Intelligence officially launched.

Derivia Intelligence launched today as a global data and insight provider for the derivatives markets - headquartered in London and with offices in New York, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, and India.

Derivia Intelligence is a parent company to the two sub-brands – SRP and FOW, both providing specialist sectors with incisive data, news, insights, and events for over 25 years.

The group’s mission is to provide essential data and intelligence to companies and professionals operating in those markets — its current customer base comprises 9 out of 10 of the world’s largest investment banks among multiple financial institutions.

SRP is the structured products industry’s leading source of data and market intelligence. FOW is a trusted provider of critical reference data, news, and events for the futures and options community.

Guy Dunn, CEO of Derivia Intelligence, gave his thoughts on the parent brand launch:

“When I joined the business in June 2023, I immediately realised there was a real opportunity to significantly grow SRP and FOW and bring significant benefits to our customers. Both have a subscription-based business model, service a niche area of the financial industry, and benefit from strong customer loyalty. Each had a 95% net renewal rate in 2023, and 85% of Derivia's business is subscription-based recurring revenue.”

He added:

“There is a symmetry of offering between both brands, with market-leading data, proprietary news and insights, and events convening industry leaders. Bringing them together under one company and consolidated visual identity will allow us to increase our reach and strengthen synergies across the portfolio.

We are working hard to develop new capabilities and product enhancements across both SRP and FOW, and we look forward to sharing these exciting updates with our customers very soon.”

About Derivia Intelligence

Derivia Intelligence is the world’s leading provider of critical data and market intelligence for derivatives and complex financial instruments, including structured products, futures and options. Our data is trusted by the world’s top tier investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds to help them gain a competitive edge and drive growth. For over 25 years, our flagship businesses have been providing these specialised sectors with an unrivalled combination of incisive and timely data, news, insights and events.

To learn more about Derivia Intelligence and our businesses, visit

For more information, please contact:

- Guy Dunn, Chief Executive Officer, Derivia Intelligence:

- Nada Khalil, Chief Marketing Officer, Derivia Intelligence:


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