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ETD’s new TaDa chatbot helps resolve trade breaks – fast.

ETD (previously Euromoney TRADEDATA) has launched a chatbot that is revolutionising data reconciliation and operational efficiency.

Trusted data – on demand and in your workflow

The ‘TaDa’ chatbot was developed by ETD for use on Symphony, to give users on the platform on-demand, automated access to ETD’s trusted reference data. The bot enables them to retrieve the exact data they need in real-time, add it to any Symphony chatroom and respond directly to clients and colleagues – all without leaving their workflow. This cuts down the significant time and money wasted on processing problems such as post-trade risk, clearing, settlement and regulatory reporting issues.

Rethinking data reconciliation

“Customers tell us teams spend up to 50% of their day manually retrieving and reconciling siloed and fragmented data to report updates to clients and colleagues. This called for a better, faster solution. TaDa delivers on ETD’s strategy to provide market-leading reference data directly into our customers’ workflows, giving them the data they need, when they need it,” said Jeff Davis, CEO of the FPS Division at ETD’s parent company Euromoney Institutional Investor.

Partnering with the leading platform and market participants

Focusing on the collaboration with Symphony, he added: “Symphony is the communication platform with the largest network of financial institutions and professionals. It’s the perfect environment for us to deploy our chatbot. Many of our clients have already signalled they plan to adopt the bot, making it an integral part of their reference data, symbology and corporate actions processes.”

Founded on faster, smarter technology

TaDa is based on ipushpull technology, and the company’s CEO Matthew Cheung explained how this delivers extra speed and customisation. “From a technology perspective, everything is done by configuration, which means new data sets and bot commands can be rolled out in hours. TaDa can retrieve any data set using commands that can be tailored for each use case, user, department or client. Furthermore, bots are easy to deploy across any organisation with no installation required. This really is a game changer for accessibility of data and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

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