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Coming soon: One destination for Futures & Options intelligence

Enhancing the ETD data services with news, insights and events.

Starting on Tuesday 21st November 2023, two leading brands - ETD and Futures & Options World (FOW) - are combining into one: FOW. By unifying our brands this way, we will be supplementing ETD’s data offerings with industry news, insights and events.

This new strategy allows us to solidify all ETD and FOW offerings under a single, well-established brand. The result is, simply, a more comprehensive and compelling solution for our clients.

The new FOW will be the go-to provider of critical information for today’s futures and options community, helping our clients stay a step ahead of the markets.

The next steps

We will be in touch with ETD clients to let them know how the company name change will be reflected in their data access, and how they can access the news and insights content. In 2024, we will be launching a new FOW website, which will serve as an all-in-one source for accessing futures and options data, news, insights and events.

We are excited about the new FOW, and we think you will be as well. Should you have questions or require support, please don’t hesitate to contact


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