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Eurex trading volume up 8% last month on rates trading boom

This article was first published in Global Investor Group .

Deutsche Boerse-owned Eurex reported an 8% boost to January volumes as interest rates activity continues to drive trading.

Eurex reported an 8% year-on-year increase in derivatives trading in January, with a total of 144.6 million contracts. The exchange has benefitted from heightened activity in its interest rate segment, with total volume up 21% on the same month last year, to 54.7 million lots.

Equity index derivatives, its largest segment, reported a 5% increase to 68.7 million lots traded. Single stock derivatives, by contrast, declined 6% in the period to 20.9 million contracts.

Eurex also saw continued increases in activity across its over-the-counter and repo segments last month. Notional outstanding volume in OTC clearing stood at €31.1 billion (£27.8bn) at the end of January. GC Pooling and repo market volumes both rose by 23% year-on-year, totalling €251.4 billion in the period, versus €205.1 billion in January last year.

Rival European interest rates contract provider Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) this week reported record volume levels across its UK and European interest rate segmentwith a 9% increase in its average daily trading last month.

Separately, Cboe Global Markets reported a 3% year-on-year increase in average daily volume across its options markets, at 14.6 million contracts a day. The Chicago based exchange group saw index options rise by nearly a third (32%) in the period, to 3.4 million contracts. Its flagship S&P 500 Index options suite saw 53.1 million contracts exchange hands in the month, with an ADV of 2.7 million, it said on Friday.

Cboe Europe Derivatives, its Amsterdam based venue, hit a record of 3,824 contracts in total volume in January, narrowly beating December’s high of 3.647 lots.

Meanwhile the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on Monday said futures and options trading had rebounded after December’s decline. The Sydney-based exchange reported a 13% increase in futures trading in January, to 415,669 contracts a day on average. That contributed to a 13% increase in January daily trading of futures and options to 416,539 lots. The ASX's single stock equity options, reported separately, declined 6% in the month to an ADV of 218,990 contracts.

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