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Trading Amsterdam 2023: FOW's insights and highlights

As one of the sponsors of Trading Amsterdam 2023, FOW is proud to share some of the insights and key themes from the leading derivatives event for the trading and investment community. The event, which took place on 26th April at Hotel Okura, brought together over 400 delegates from across the industry to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the derivatives market.

The overall message we took away from the day was that the Derivatives space is growing rapidly with a 34% increase across the industry. Options trading is fuelling most of the growth. This is mirrored by the new business team at FOW receiving many new enquiries for options data - especially Forensyx – our Historical Data catalogue.

Another key theme was delivered in the keynote by Tanya Pieters-Gorissen, Head of Capital Markets Integrity supervision at AFM. Which focussed on how to keep capital markets attractive, within the context of ensuring attractive, liquid, transparent and resilient markets. Looking at three developments from a derivative & proprietary trading perspective: the control of the algorithms, cyber security and the trading venue perimeter. Three complex developments to which the market must find suitable answers.

The event also featured several panel discussions and workshops on various topics, such as volatility trading, market making, liquidity provision, clearing and settlement, ESG derivatives, crypto derivatives and more. ETD's experts participated in several of these sessions, sharing their insights and best practices with their peers and clients.

Trading Amsterdam 2023 was a great opportunity for ETD to network with existing and potential clients, partners and regulators in the derivatives industry. It was also a valuable source of information and inspiration for ETD to continue developing its products and services to meet the evolving needs of the market. ETD would like to thank Global Investor Group for organising this successful event and all the participants for their contributions and feedback. We look forward to seeing you again at Trading Amsterdam 2024!

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