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Webinar Real-time access to quality data with ETD’s TaDa bot on Symphony

Forget the slow, error-prone email exchanges, spreadsheets and legacy systems that can see operations teams spending up to 50% of their time manually retrieving and reconciling data across disparate systems.

Developed for use on the Symphony platform, ETD’s TaDa chatbot helps you improve efficiency and better resolve pre and post-trade risk, clearing, settlement and regulatory reporting issues. 

The TaDa chatbot gives users on Symphony on-demand, automated access to ETD’s trusted reference data and Symbology.

In this webinar, ETD’s Wendy Askew speaks to Symphony’s Elena Parigi Adragna about how TaDa enables users to retrieve the exact data they need in real-time, add it to any Symphony chatroom and respond directly to clients and colleagues.

The session covers:

  • A live demo of the TaDa chatbot and its integration in Symphony 

  • How you can access, in real-time, various data sets including Symbology and Corporate Actions 

  • A preview into the upcoming developments of the TaDa chatbot 

Webinar participants

Wendy Askew - Channel Development Manager, ETD

Wendy is responsible for the development of ETD’s indirect channels globally to build Tier 2, 3 and 4 customers in the financial sector. She is a natural collaborator adept at working across marketing and technical teams to build cohesive networks of partners and customers where solutions are sold, new products are launched, and sustainable long-term business grows.

Before joining ETD, Wendy worked with channel partners in the technology sector for several IT vendors, building deep experience of building channels, enablement and helping partners to grow their business.

Elena Parigi Adragna - Director, Operations Workflows, EMEA, Symphony Communications

Elena is part of Symphony's Solutions team and leads the Transaction Lifecycle Management part of the firm's Operations strategy. Prior to joining Symphony, Elena spent 17 years in Investment Banking Operations working for Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley in London.

During her time in banking, Elena held multiple roles within the cross asset client service and relationship management space. Elena is passionate about the financial market's need to streamline and automate the trade post execution workflows as the means to bring efficiency, manage risk efficiently and reduce cost.

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