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Capital impact of FRTB yet to seen – Isda

Testing the entire universe of risk factors based on Basel's criteria is a...

FRTB “a trigger for transformation”

Innovations in pricing are having positive knock-on effects, Finastra’s Vinod...

INE crude oil market making scheme successful - Bands

INE’s crude oil market making scheme successfully diversified liquidity, the...

Traders dub ICE's marine fuel contract the “high-five”

Publicly traded contracts that give a sense of value is a 'major step forward'...

CFTC warns SA-CCR may exacerbate systemic risk

Four commissioners reiterate the supplementary leverage ratio is working...

BoE to explore Libor to RFR compression auctions

The Bank of England working group will examine compression auctions for...


Risk vs reward: the challenges of automating the anti-money laundering KYC process

By Justin Hayes, product manager, Linedata

Brokers filling out timesheets - Mifid II transparency in action

By Daniel Carpenter, head of regulation at Meritsoft

Fresh Libor claims may follow the PAG appeal, but the clock is ticking

By Simon Bushell, partner at Signature Litigation

OTC structured products - the very tip of a Mifid II iceberg?

By Neill Vanlint, head of global client operations at GoldenSource

Managing FRTB data costs at Asian regional banks

By Tim Versteeg, chief sales officer for APAC at NeoXam

OTF obstacles facing derivatives traders in 2018

By Fraser Bell, chief revenue officer of BSO


Huge threat of non-compliance can be curtailed with UK apprenticeship levy

Firms can use levy vouchers to train staff at all levels in line with the FCA’s...

FCA could be drawing a line under PFOF

Evia discusses what the FCA’s update on PFOF supervision could mean for members

Tougher derivatives rules see firms turn to tri-party

Tri-party agents have been at home in the repo and securities lending markets...

SIs fall outside a regulated market, so do their rules

Esma's attempts to level the playing field between SIs and exchanges may not be...

The initial fallout of Mifid II

Regulatory experts discuss the first month of Mifid II and what is on the agenda...


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UnaVista takes reconciliation to a third dimension

UnaVista MiFIR Reconciliations won best new technology product: reconciliations...

Born Technology tackles overlooked Mifid II real-time algo surveillance rules

Some firms have unknowingly been caught up in Mifid II's direct electronic...

Inventory mobility can deliver funding flexibility

Global Collateral’s IMS helps major banks and brokers take a further step toward...

SmartStream RDU gears up for Mifid II challenge

SmartStream won the FOW Award for best new technology product in both the trade...

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