• 01 September 2003

  • A transparent new world 01 September 2003

    Hedge Fund Managers will certainly be kept busy in the months ahead as more transparency and disclosure is demanded and prime broker relationships are examioned. Emma Davey finds out more

  • ADB's mission possible 01 September 2003

  • All clear for the future 01 September 2003

    Shriram Subramanian and Biju Potty* introduce the world of futures clearing and anlayse the various functions performed by a futures clearing broker

  • BBA and Liba question Basel 2 01 September 2003

    The two Associations warn of the potential dangers of Basel 2 and make some key recommendations

  • briefs 01 September 2003

  • briefs 01 September 2003

  • Compensation favours US portfolio managers 01 September 2003

  • Credit derivatives 01 September 2003

  • Deconstructing value 01 September 2003

    Penny Cagan and Lloyd Hardin* analyse the value of deconstructing a loss event in operational risk management

  • Do you need a holiday? 01 September 2003

  • Freight derivatives 01 September 2003

  • Getting the message 01 September 2003

    Messaging standards are set to become a very hot topic indeed. momentum is building and much has already been achieved. However, significant challenges remain. Jane Douglas-Jones finds out more

  • Global fx 01 September 2003

  • Hedge funds 01 September 2003

  • Hybrid solutions for the insurance sector 01 September 2003

    The popularity of hybrid structires in the insurance sector is prime. However, some insurers are concerned that hybrids could put their ratings at risk

  • Introduction to derivatives 01 September 2003

    The eighth part of this series explains new issue arbitrage

  • Leba launches power indices 01 September 2003

    A new era for electricity derivatives has begun with the launch of benchmark indices in the UK

  • New issue arbitrage 01 September 2003

  • Opportunity knocks 01 September 2003

    What are the opportunities and challenges for the derivatives world in the wake of the latest technological revolution?

  • Out with the with the new 01 September 2003

    The days of waiting for a fax at the end of the day for those all important data figures are long gone. The plethora of distrubtion channels is ever expanding and data needs are now an integral part of a trade. Anuszka Ransley explores the delelopments and casts a glance at what the future may hold

  • Overcoming obstacles 01 September 2003

    international Swaps & Derivatives Association (Isd)'s first Protocol attracted over 1,100 adherents. Now that the Association has published a protocol to assist users of its 2002 Master Agreement, John Berry believes that record may be in danger

  • Policing Finance 01 September 2003

    Timon Molloy* looks at recent UK legislation to combat money laundering and discusses the implications of policing financial transactions

  • products 01 September 2003

  • Quote unquote 01 September 2003

  • Reaching new heights 01 September 2003

    Over the past 12 months, the global credit derivatives market has seen dramatic growth and significant development. And, as Jane Douglas-Jones finds, the crucial pieces of the puzzle - liquidity, standardisation and breadth of end users - are finally falling into place

  • Repackaging financial derivatives 01 September 2003

    The following abridged extract from The Law on financial derivatives looks at the purpose of repackaging cash flows

  • Special fx 01 September 2003

    A new book offers a practical guide to the new fx marketplace

  • STARS' position for future 01 September 2003

  • Sterling swaps 01 September 2003

  • Taifex to launch interest rate futures 01 September 2003

  • technology briefs 01 September 2003

  • The ultimate excuse 01 September 2003

  • Use of credit derivatives by French funds is clarified by new Decree 01 September 2003

    In the wake of the implementation of a dedicated working group, decree 89-624 has been amended by decree 2002-143 to authorise French organismes de placement collectif en valeurs mobileres (OPCVMs) to have recourse to credit derivatives as protection buyers or protection sellers

  • Weather - the new frontier 01 September 2003

  • Welcome to the treasure zone 01 September 2003

    As market participants begin preparing for a Chinese 'big bang', derivatives activity in the Asia Pacific region has been dominated by structured, yield-enhancing deals


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