• Asian fx 03 February 2003

  • BM&F plans mini-contracts 03 February 2003

    Brazil's Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros (BM&F), plans to launch dollar-denominated mini-contracts in its core products by June this year. Contracts with values of up to $5,000, compared to the $50,000 for the exchange's current contracts, will be available via the internet. They will include mini contracts on the Ibovespa stock index, US dollar-Real exchange rates, including spot market dollar, interest rates, gold, agricultural commodities and, eventually, energy, according to exchange president Manoel Felix Cintra Netro.

  • Briefs 03 February 2003

  • Briefs 03 February 2003

  • Briefs 03 February 2003

  • Briefs 03 February 2003

  • Coal derivatives 03 February 2003

  • Credit Derivatives - Special Report - new users 03 February 2003

  • Editorial Comment 03 February 2003

  • EU gest go-ahead for emissions trading 03 February 2003

    GHG emissions trading is to become mandatory for the European industrial sector by 2008 under the EU's new directive.

  • Euro swaps 03 February 2003

  • Evolution Carbon International to build liquidity in coal 03 February 2003

    The launch of Evolution Carbon International last month heralded a new source of liquidity for the OTC coal market, as the firm intends to develop a set of paper indices out of the South African and Asia Pacific markets.

  • Exchanges in Review 03 February 2003

    2002 was certainly an interesting year in the exchange traded derivatives world with record volumes and a fair share of innovation, gossip and intrigue. Jane Douglas-Jones takes you on a whistle-stop tour, looking back at the year's key developments

  • Freight Derivatives - Revoultion! 03 February 2003

    Corinne Smith documents the rise of the FFA market

  • Hidden strengths 03 February 2003

    The year 2001 was such an exceptional year for structured hedge fund products that some bankers ran around talking about a tripling of market size in 2002. If they believed their own hype they would have been disappointed with last year's growth rate, particularly if they were themselves late entrants to what must, in Europe at least, be considered a relatively mature product line.

  • How it all began 03 February 2003

    The role of the rating agency has always been a tricky one. In many cases they are often 'damned if they do and damned if they don't'. In addition, in this post-corporate fraud tainted world and with Basel 2 on the horizon, the future looks likely to be even more of a challenge.

  • Introduction to derivatives: credit default swaps 03 February 2003

    The credit derivatives market was first talked about, in strictly cloak and dagger terms, in the early 1990s: "Credit derivatives are so much at the cutting edge of innovation that many OTC players are reluctant to reveal how they work or who is doing them" - FOW, December 1993

  • Macquarie to enter Koren derivatives 03 February 2003

    Australia's Macquarie Bank is entering the Korean equity derivatives market via a tie-up with Woori Bank of Korea.

  • New issue arbitrage 03 February 2003

  • Op risk causes 03 February 2003

    Operational risk is the biggest source of anxiety among financial institutions preparing for Basel 2 compliance, according to a recent KPMG survey.

  • Overseas or'over here'? 03 February 2003

    Now that our British winter is in full swing, bringing with it the familiar health and transport problems, many of you may be thinking about that international career expe-rience you have always dreamed of. In addition, job losses in the City may have prompted some of you to con-sider a move abroad, either to find a new position or to improve your existing skills and experience. But just how easy is it to make the transition to another country?

  • Products & Regulation 03 February 2003

  • Quote Unquote 03 February 2003

  • Reaching the Summit 03 February 2003

  • Regulatory issues in Spain 03 February 2003

  • Spanish derivatives on a roll 03 February 2003

    Spain's derivatives markets are not to be underestimated. 2002 saw many new trends develop and market participants predict many more for 2003. Anuszka Ransley wanders along the Iberian derivatives peninsula...

  • STP - the path of least resistance 03 February 2003

    Philippe Carré looks at straight through processing (STP) and finds that many firms are carrying a great deal of risk without knowing it because of the lack of integration between their systems

  • Taxation of UK derivatives - Part 1 03 February 2003

    In the first part of a six-part series on the taxation of derivatives, Errol Danziger* looks at the UK's new-look derivatives tax system

  • Technology Briefs 03 February 2003

  • The Higgs and Smith reviews 03 February 2003

  • The synthetic CDO 03 February 2003

    In a first of a three-part series on synthetic securitisation, Moorad Choudhry* analyses the benefits of combining securitisation techology and credit derivatives

  • US battle lines are drawn 03 February 2003

    2003 kicked off with a PR battle which, by this time next year, promises to turn into an altogether more serious contest.

  • US Equity Derivatives 03 February 2003

  • Volatility rules 03 February 2003

    Volatility is an integral part of all markets, but is it about to recognised as a separate asset class?


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